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About Us



The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that face masks are not only recommended, they are even REQUIRED in many locations. Yet our team at Cover That Mouth saw a complete lack of affordable, high-quality face masks that were not only re-usable and machine-washable, but also completely customizable with a full 4-color print process.

With face masks becoming a necessity for every human on the planet, we thought, “Why would everyone want to wear the same cheap, one-time-use, plain white or blue masks?” The goal was immediately established: we would provide unique, full-color face masks that were COMPLETELY re-usable and machine-washable.

After extensive research and product development, we proudly offer hundreds of unique, artistic designs for you to choose from. Favorite sport? Goofy cartoons? Want to creep people out with a scary mask? We’ve got it all… And even if we don’t, you can provide your OWN artwork to customize a mask however you want!

With our masks, you can look stylish in a mask you love, wash it instead of throwing it in the trash after one use, and help stop the spread of dangerous contagions! We will only ever ask you to do one simple thing: COVER THAT MOUTH!™